Frequently Asked Questions:

 1 - How long does it take to return a canceled bet? If it is determined that the game is postponed to another date, it will be updated within 24 hours. But if you are not identified by the federation, you must wait for 72 hours until you are given a refund or the result is determined.

 2 - Why should you not trust Iranian sites? Iranian sites are established without any financial support and only expect the loss of users in order to gain more profits, and to reduce the risk of loss, they come up with a variety of unfair and unconventional methods, the smallest of which is reducing the coefficients, or even dividing They are your win. Be sure that due to the lack of strong crisis management teams, in case of a heavy loss, the site will be easily shut down in one day, and you will not have a way to get your money. But on the opposite side of foreign sites, due to the existence of laws and strict supervision of gambling in foreign countries, establishing a casino is a very risky business and requires huge costs, so that only the cost of a betting license or a license to establish an online casino is minimal. 100,000 dollars, therefore, foreign companies will never be unable to pay your winnings, and due to the professional and expert teams, they maintain their profit margins with complex and completely fair methods, and their profits are in contradiction with It does not benefit users. These methods are very complicated, but if you are interested, you can talk to our support about it so that we can guide you.

 3 - Is the repeated condition reversible? If a repeated and random bet is registered by the user, the user is required to inform the support of the site within a maximum of two minutes, and the analysis team, if the coefficients do not change or a new event is registered, within the time frame of the bet registration and announcement time. Registering a duplicate bet by the user is required to delete the duplicate bet.